Tip It Turtle Scoring

For Tip It Turtlers who want to keep track. Add up your points at the end of the day, night, or event, and see who got the most tips and flips! You can download a free scorecard (save the scorecard image on this page), or official scorecards are also available.

The winner deserves a drink purchased by their worthy opponents (don’t you agree?) The losers, uhem, “non-winners” can tip (or flip – whatever was agreed upon) their drinks to the well-deserved winner.

1 Point = 1 Tip (Original Tip It Turtle)
2 Points = 2 Tips (Double Turtles)
3 Points = 3 Tips (Triple Turtles)
10 Points = 1 Flip (Flip It Turtle)

Qs & As

Here are some basic guidelines that you're welcome to use...or create your own!