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Tip It Turtle Game Pieces are Apparel, Stickers and more!

How do game pieces work?

Simply:  See the turtle? Tip your drink!

The turtle, in specific quantities and styles, represents what people should do. For example, when someone sees our classic, single black or white turtle (as shown in each of the images above), they take a drink of their beverage. 1 original turtle = 1 tip. Similar to a typical drinking game, but what makes us unique is that you can spot a Tip It Turtle ANYWHERE!

Perfect places to wear/use game pieces:

– Sports pubs, restaurants
– Bars, clubs
– Friend’s house
– Parties
– Concerts
– Stag & Does
– Bachelor & Bachelorettes
– Get-togethers
– Sporting events

You can use them in almost any place – and well, hey, why wouldn’t you?

Rare game pieces:
Be on the lookout for special game pieces to appear for limited times. These pieces could be Double Turtles, Triple Turtles, Flip-it Turtles, or other! These rare pieces might just bring you a lot more points! (but who's keeping score?)