It’s simple: See the turtle? TIP YOUR DRINK! Cheers!

“Tip It Turtle is an original, social drinking game that happens anywhere drinks and fun are to be had. All you do
is tip your drink when you see the Turtle.”

Purchase a game piece and flash your TITs! (Tip It Turtles)

Flash your TITs (Tip It Turtles) in a totally non-offensive way! High quality clothing and accessories with an alternate, fun meaning. Kind of like an inside-joke, and you're on the in! You'll thoroughly enjoy friends and fans tipping their drinks to YOU! Share your Tip It Turtle adventures on social media using #TipItTurtle

Different game pieces mean different things

There are basic universal meanings which you can find listed beside each product description through our game piece products pages. Die-hard Tip It Turtlers can also keep score with a points system.

We’ll be adding new images and meanings from time to time so keep checking back because the meanings of these new images are chosen by YOU – our players! Cast your vote to help decide on what the upcoming games pieces will mean. Polls stay open for a limited time only, so get your vote in while you can! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we announce when each poll opens and closes.

Settle the Score

Who has the most tips? Keep score and find out! Guidelines are found here and you can also download your FREE scorecard, or purchase the official scorecards.

Be Responsible

Tip It Turtle encourages fun when you’re already drinking...safely. The most important thing is to drink responsibly. Tip It Turtle does not condone drinking and driving, or underage drinking. (Tip your soda or your bubble tea! Cheers to Designated Drivers!)