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For Tip It Turtlers who want to keep track

Add up your points at the end of the day, night, or event, and see who got the most tips and flips! You can download a free scorecard (save the scorecard image on this page), or official scorecards are also available.

The winner deserves a drink purchased by their worthy opponents (don’t you agree?) The losers, uhem, “non-winners” can tip (or flip – whatever was agreed upon) their drinks to the well-deserved winner.

1 Point = 1 Tip (Original Tip It Turtle)
2 Points = 2 Tips (Double Turtles)
3 Points = 3 Tips (Triple Turtles)
10 Points = 1 Flip (Flip It Turtle)




Qs & As

Here are some basic guidelines that we like to use. Feel free to follow them, or create your own.

How many items can I wear / bring?

You and your opponents can agree to any number of items or keep it miscellaneous. If you’re wearing a 3 point shirt and a 1 point hat, and a fan tips 4 times, you get 4 points. If a player only tips twice, then they may not be looking at you (or they’re messing with ya. Psych!).

If we all wear the same shirts, won't we look like idiots?

Simply, yes. If you and your friends plan on playing a game/keeping score, why not check ahead to see what pieces they are bringing. (Unless you like uniforms…?) We will be rolling out more designs, and frankly, some pretty cool clothing items and accessories as more players join in.

I think my opponent is making up Tips / points.

To avoid this, it’s a good idea to have at least one opponent as a witness in order for your point(s) to count. The number of witnesses should probably agreed upon before the game begins.

What if the same person who Tips to my Turtle logo sees my opponent's Turtle logo right after?

It’s up to random players to tip their drinks. If a random player obviously tips to you, and then obviously tips to your friend, you each score points. If said random player tips to you, and decides he/she is done playing, then only you score the point. It’s handy if all players point, raise a glass, or acknowledge to whom they’re tipping their drinks to; however, not everyone feels comfortable doing so. As long as it’s obvious that someone tips to you and your opponents fairly agree, then we think you’re good for a point.

We can't agree upon which of us that a random player just tipped their drink to.

Rock Paper Scissors? Or perhaps no one gets the point. You’re a smart cookie. You’ve got this.